Saturday, December 15, 2012

Will Run for Hot Cocoa!

What happens when your husband casually mentions to you one day last week that he noticed on his bus ride home (GO GREEN TEAM ROSS) there was an Ugly Sweater run in town? Well, you jump on your computer and research it so that you can be involved in the glorious spectacle of course!

Which is exactly what I did. Unfortunately neither Sean nor I have actual sweaters, but we do have some pretty hideous christmas vests from last year's Chowder Fest. Annie however demanded that she have an actual sweater for the event. Since she is a Montosorri child, we indulged her. Rescue dog's need their self esteem!

What we weren't anticipating was the 35 degree temperature and attempts to snow this morning as we lined up. However, it was such a great event with so many happy folks out to support a local charity that we couldn't possibly change our plans. We are die hard Oregonians after all. We lined up with the other sweater, pj and Christmas bag clad misfits and headed out on one of the most fun spirited 5k's I've done in a long time!

Sean of course won then entire event, big fat shocker there, and Melinda and I came in 3rd and 4th over all.  Annie continued in her father's footsteps finishing as first dog. She of course thanked me in her acceptance speech, after all she couldn't have done it without me. I've raised her well.

Here's the pictures if you need the proof.

Cheers All!

This could have been our Christmas Card!

The original Triple Bunnies Reunited

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  1. Go Team Ross! I love hearing about your running adventures and hope to someday be able to accompany you on one of the runs. I hope Annie got a recognition too for her accomplishment. What a good girl! Moby is jealous....