Friday, December 28, 2012

Moves like Jagger

I had a fantastic Christmas. I have a ridiculously generous family, who showered me with gifts like new cold weather running tights which I enjoyed on yesterday's run, beautiful new boots, plenty of reading material for my off time and not one but two bottles of my favorite lotion which is only available at the local artists' Christmas store once per year. Thank you, thank you!

While I love all my gifts, the ones I'm having the most fun with so far are my not one but two copies of "Just Dance 4." For the second year in a row my husband and my mother got me the same gift. Last year it was identical boots, this year, identical dance games. Does this make it a tradition?  Anyway, I have one for the PlayStation 3 from Sean, complete with the "Move" and two fancy new controllers. Mom went all out and got me an XBox and the new game to go with it. Yes, as I mentioned before I have a ridiculously generous family.  I've been enjoying doing a compare and contrast between the two systems and there are things I like about both.

What I'm loving the most with both is the fun I'm having playing and getting a good workout at the same time. Do I have the Moves like Jagger? Officially, no. But I'm having a blast and even Sean is currently playing with me and he's getting pretty darn good too.

Who says you can't teach old dogs new tricks! 

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