Friday, April 22, 2011

Being Tested

My IT band is not happy. This means neither am I. I hadn't had any IT band issues prior to training for the half marathon this year. It started with a strange twinge on the track and progressed from there. It got progressively worse as the race approached so over the two weeks prior to the actual race, I cut my running way down. It has now been nearly two weeks since the race and I have logged exactly 2.2 miles. I have also ridden spin bikes two times. The IT pain however, continues. I foam roll, ice and have been downing Advil like a corner junkie. Nothing seems to be working.

Today is a day off so I spent the last hour researching online forums, medical articles and treatments for words of wisdom on how to deal with this. It appears that the ITBS (Illio Tibial Band Syndrome) is pretty much the kiss of death for any kind of activity until it gets resolved. Kind of what my Dr. warned me about as well when I saw him to decide if I wanted to do the knee surgery or not. Kind of ironic that I decided against the surgery, took it off his impossible to get onto calendar, because I didn't want to ruin my summer in recovery from surgery. Good thing, because now it looks like I"ll be sidelined rehabbing my IT. Biking and running are major triggers for me. So much for my favorite activities.

In my ongoing quest to find the silver lining in everything I found an activity that seems to be allowed in all people. Oh yes dear friends, I can still swim. Great.....

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